Study Reveals That Online Education Beats the Classroom!

In recent times, the SRI International for the Department of Education revealed a 93-page report founded on one of the serious topics these days i.e. online education.

Surprising but true, the report shows that students enrolled in an online educational course exhibit an improved performance when it comes to their comparison with students attending the brick-and-mortar educational schemes.

The study bases its conclusions from the broad research on online education in opposition to the typical classroom teaching from 1996 to 2008. Though, a part of it was in K-12 premises, a considerably bigger part of the research was done at the level of colleges and continuing-education programs for adults in a variety of field, ranging from medical science to military education.

The outcome was analyzed on the basis of the 99 studies involving points, indicating which type of education (online or class room) is more beneficial for student’s overall performance in the diverse educational fields. It then became evident from the conclusions of those studies that on the whole, students pursuing some or a number of courses online would more likely rank in the 59th percentile in terms of experienced performance, while the average classroom student would score in the 50th percentile. Now, this theory indicates a significant amount of major difference in both the learning methods.

Barbara Means who’s the lead author of the study and a teaching psychologist says that the study is essentially aimed for the promotion of the fact that online study currently is far better than the conservative educational methods. Though, this doesn’t indicate that the time to “greet farewell” to classrooms has arrived. The chief aim of the study is to promote online education at a higher level for an improved and flexible educational method. Online education bases its success from the advancement in technology and the inclusion of highly developed online tools, which have together made online learning not only better but fun too.

Experts explain that online education plays an important role in the provision of individual attention to every learner that turns out to be highly problematic in a classroom loaded with a number of students. Consequently, a significantly big student majority takes this system as more engaging and winning than the traditional one.

According to Dean Philip R. Regier, online education is at its inflection point. Therefore, the maximum near-term growth will prove to be in continuing educational programs. In fact, a usual university accommodates 5,000 students in its continuing education programs, including in-person classes and online courses. If this educational strategy continues to maintain its recognition, the number of students is likely to triple within the upcoming three to five years.

It is also believed that online education can additionally play a role in the complete conversion of college campuses. Today, universities and several K-12 schools are incorporating online educational management systems, such as the Blackboard or the open-source Moodle. These are extensively used in the submissions of coursework, reading lists, and class timetable and even hosting some Web discussion boards.

It is because of the improved involvement of social networking technology, things seem to be quite diverse. Students will not only facilitate themselves but be trained to help others too. For example, it will be understood that college students are familiar with the basics of calculus, and the classroom time will focus more on applying the math on practical situations – perhaps in understanding the physics of weather changes or ups and downs in stock rates. This implies that people can accomplish a degree in a shorter span of time.

According to Mr. Regier, the latest educational scheme can effectively develop learning communities in the middle of students in a number of ways. It is evident that online education will give education a new shape- something beyond the classrooms. Education will then be free, accessible for anyone irrespective of the learner’s location. This surely can modify the way we work and can without any doubt influence the literacy rates in a positive manner.

Tracking Education Groups – The Academic Achievement Gap

Investigators lack any clear clue as to why the gap has been widening among the racial groups. Organizational along with cultural aspects were responsible for the growing inconsistency. Comparatively, students hailing from backward classes perform poorly. Such students obtained low test scores and performed below average, especially in cases of negligent or absentee parenting. Annete Lareau, a famous sociologist, said that students who enjoyed superior privileges also performed better academically and in their lives later on. A few other researchers feel that a student’s ability to accomplish better academically was dependent on his socioeconomic status and the race from he came. It is quite obvious that students from subjugated group have to face the negative impact of achievement gap owing to their lowly position as against their White counterparts.The society, customs, faiths, social roles and the atmosphere around the students affect his functioning and are important elements have be taken into consideration while the root cause of achievement gap is being dealt with. A researcher will do well to investigate the lifestyle, surroundings, financial status and habits of the minor group of disadvantaged students so that he will be able to get a clearer picture of the cultural gap. This will assist him in getting an explanation as regards the existing relationship between the child and parents among the families of the ethnic groups. It is the environment that encourages a child to perform academically better. Authors like Jencks and Philips say that a Black student does poorly at school merely due to ignorance of the advantages of education and gaining the related skills. Without being aware, Black students enter school with limited vocabulary at their command compared to the Whites.Results of studies conducted reveal that greater the parental participation in academics of their child better is his performance at school. Children from single parent Black minority group are too busy making ends meet to pay attention to the child’s academics such as his home assignment. The minority group of Blacks also includes parents who are unable to speak, understand, write or read English. In this way, a child gets very little support from non-English speakers at home and is deprived of parental involvement in their educational undertakings.Children from low-income family backgrounds are forced to attend badly funded schools because they lack financial resources to pay for better forms of education or to move to a district with better education. Schools categorized as poorly funded do not have sufficient resources and are therefore compelled to hire the services of teachers who are ill-qualified. The problem of achievement gap between backward classes was attempted to be abridged by the schools by initiating tracking education groups. Basically this was the placing of students the same school in groups with homogenous learning prowess and skills. Then the schools customized the lesson plans of the teachers to best meet individual group’s requirements and ability to learn.This program worked wonders for the progress of some learners. But some of the schools did not go about it in the right way. They segregated students into groups based on their socioeconomic background. This resulted in the oppressed class from being further degraded and the objective was not met since the groups of Hispanics and African-American were placed in the lowest strata. The school’s underlying policy of racism was clearly seen when it placed all the Hispanic and Afro-Americans in one group. This reaffirmed the belief of a few researchers that the constituting of tracking education groups was a clear indicator of schools’ strategies that encouraged racial discrimination.Ample proof of negative results was obtained regarding tracking education groups. There was, in fact, further harm caused since the minority tracking education group had teachers who were not qualified enough. The curriculum designed for less privileged students was less beneficial and did not offer the opportunity for their progress in the field of academics. The friends and the teachers often branded them as slow on the uptake. This demoralized the students, undermining their self-esteem and confidence. Thus the number of dropouts from such groups grew. Psychologists involved said that tracking education groups was not beneficial for every group. Moreover, they were unable to see its long-lasting gains.

Accredited Online Schools – An Improvement in Education?

Education today is a part and parcel of human’s life. Learning and having an authorized degree is a prerequisite for the better future. Getting the best opportunities to learn and gain the best possible knowledge from where-so-ever is one of the main targets of everyone today. Going to school and attending classes is one of the basic methods to learn and get educated. Learning from the surroundings also helps a lot. Studies are the mere basis of all the advancements being done in today’s world. Be that technological, scientific or medical innovation or discovery, education is the only base to every such incident in the entire world. With the passage of time and growing needs and requirements, education has become very expensive at campus and not everyone among the people around has access to the schools.Having an accredited degree is a dream of every hardworking student and the passionate professionals who want to excel in their field. To get through with all the aspirations and dreams to gain top quality education is now very much possible with all difficulties and hurdles in the way. Online Schools have provided an easy path leading to the degrees in one’s favorite subjects and with various concentrations. Every accredited online school provides various subject heads under different degree programs. Nearly every field including medicine, engineering, arts, science, business and every concentration within is available for an associate, bachelor, masters or even a doctorate degree from online schools. The best part of this whole system is the interactivity. The live interactive online classes provide students to share their ideas and views on online forum along with the experts of the relevant subjects.The synchronous and asynchronous form of education allows student to either study at a scheduled time with an online teacher and students, however if a student is not able to attend the online class, the asynchronous online education system allows to download lectures and attend at convenient time and then later coordinate with teacher for any queries. This self-paced education system encourage working professionals to pursue education and apply for a better and position with the organization.Accredited online schools keep their subject materials and curriculum updated with the latest market demand and trends; this helps provide the latest knowledge to its students. Online degree program enables the students to be a complete professional providing them all the facilities and complete technical know how about the particular field they are pursuing. Unlike the campus schools, online schools provide a complete backup of all the lectures, studies conducted and all discussions to all the students enrolled in the particular subject helping them to gain most of the knowledge delivered during the classes. All the prerequisites for any campus school are also applicable for the online school but there is flexibility in rules and regulations making things easier for the students to learn and gain knowledge in-order to enhance their educational career in a better way.Professionals can also gain from this opportunity as this can help them engage in knowledge enhancement, and provide them a chance to grow in their professional life and gain monetary and other related benefits. Online schools are also the best options for all those who are looking for some continuing education plan and do not have any choice else to leave their job or discontinue their current place of work or even have plans to study but do not see any good institute around in their area. The problem of traveling and time wastage has been resolved by Online schools by providing complete access to the educational material and complete range of subjects, notes and also provide experienced and seasoned teachers to guide and teach the relevant subjects in an appropriate manner.